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Our Team

The Endo A.C.T. team is a group of enthusiastic women who have, or are close to someone who has, endometriosis. We therefore have first-hand knowledge of the debilitating effects of this disease and would like to see change.


Endo A.C.T. team members are NOT medical professionals. Nor do we profess to be. We are a group of community-spirited women, who would like to support women* and girls with endometriosis.


Endo A.C.T. team members are keen to address endometriosis-related issues in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the surrounding region. At a conservative estimate, this is more than 15,000 women*.


All Endo A.C.T. team members generously volunteer their time to host regular awareness and support events, moderate a closed Facebook page and manage all other Endo A.C.T. activities and administrative requirements. We thank them for their dedication.

If you would like to join our team please go to the Volunteers page.

*Endo A.C.T. acknowledges the LGBTI community and individuals who may not identify as women.

Endometriosis awareness and support

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A debilitating chronic disease

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